Jet It Soars in Greensboro-High Point, Expands Operations Globally

Honda Jet sits on the tarmac.

Headquartered in Greensboro, Jet It, an aviator-founded company offering private flights in North America and hybrid ownership of Honda Jets, is rapidly growing amid the pandemic. Founded only two years ago in 2018, Jet It started with three employees and a dream to create an affordable, equity-based air travel solution with a day model exclusively utilizing the Honda Jet Elite. Fast forward to today, Jet It has 59 employees all over the country, has grown a whopping 300% since 2019 Q2, and is the largest purchaser of Honda Jet aircrafts in North America. To add to the list of accomplishments, Jet It has continued their expansion with their partner organization, JetClub to Europe, Asia and India. 

Interior of Honda Jet

Going global with JetClub

As Jet It expands their venture internationally with JetClub, they will offer a membership model that is based around how many flying hours a member would like to purchase for their European and Asia travels. The same luxury access and availability of private jets will be given to Jet Club members that are traveling to North America. JetClub planes will be based regionally in Southeast Asia, offering members the chance to travel throughout the region (compared to Jet It, which operates in North America). JetClub has purchased their first Honda Jet Elite aircraft, and is on schedule to start offering members flights in 2021.   

“Greensboro welcomed us with open arms”

When deciding where to set up headquarters back in 2018, co-founders Glenn Gonzales and Vishal Hiremath had many locations to choose from, but they wanted to put roots down in a global place– one of the many reasons they chose Greensboro-High Point.  

“We wanted to find a global environment; there are more Fortune 500 companies in North Carolina than there are in most regions– plus the proximity to HondaJet [which is also headquartered in Greensboro] were all variables that we considered.” said Jet It VP of Strategy, Dr. Akir Khan. “[Greensboro] is a very pro-business environment, it’s a mecca for higher education institutions…it was just a good fit for us. They welcomed us with open arms.” 

 Staying safe amid COVID-19 

In response to the Coronavirus, Jet It’s leadership increased their previously industry leading cleaning standards, and adopted additional precautions to keep travelers safe. They began by hiring local Greensboro’s highly accredited Latitude Aero, to teach them how to properly sanitize their HondaJets in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Additionally, Jet It increased the frequency of service provided by another Greensboro company, previously contracted to provide cleaning services. 

Jet It and HondaJet are just two examples of companies in the aviation and aerospace industries that are thriving in Greensboro-High Point. Don’t take it from us, though– PwC ranked North Carolina as the fifth top state in the country for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness.

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October 8, 2020